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Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens are one of the slower methods for making a pizza. The pizza is pulled through the cooking chamber on a chain conveyor belt. Though this cooking method is slower, you can also cook more than pizza in a conveyor oven.

  • Best for: Conveyor ovens are ideal for small-scale pizzerias that do not experience a lot of demand. You can also use a conveyor oven to toast sandwiches, seer fish or bake pretty much anything that will fit under the opening
  • Cooking temperature. The ideal cooking temperature for a pizza in a conveyor oven is between 400 and 600°F.
  • Power type. These commercial pizza ovens function off of gas or electricity. On gas models you will still need a power outlet to operate the conveyor and controls.
  • Cooking time. A conveyor oven set between 500 and 520°F will cook a pizza in four to five minutes.

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