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Handling Tips


Storage and Shelf Life

Frozen shelf life: 90 days.
Thawed shelf life in cooler at 36 degrees: 2-3 days.

There is a seven digit Julian code date on the outside of the case. The first three digits correspond to the day of the year produced, followed by the hour produced, followed by the last two digits of the year. Individually wrapped doughballs will have the Julian date and time printed on each back corresponding to the manufacturing date and time. Doughballs perform best when used within the first 90 days.


Remove the dough balls from the box and separate them from each other, the dough balls should remain in their individual bag until thawed and ready for use. For bulk packed doughballs place on a floured tray and cover until thawed and ready for use. 9oz. and smaller dough balls sold exclusively in bulk packs.

For best use, thaw doughballs overnight in a refrigerator for 12 to 18 hours at a temp between 36 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Quick thaw method can be used if necessary. Arrange doughballs identical to the classic thaw method. Keep doughballs at room temperature for 4 to 5 hours until thawed and ready for use. When using the quick thaw method the dough should be used the same day.


Remove the dough ball from the bag and lightly flour the doughball and the working surface. When using a pan we recommend oiling the dough ball and/or the pan so the dough will not stick. Slowly press down doughball and continue to press to maintain an even and round shape for pizza or stretch to desired shape. When the dough has reached the desired size, place on a screen or pan.

Tip: When using a dough sheeter, use plenty of flour. When using a press, oil the dough and/or the press itself.

Tip: If the dough seems to spring back, allow more proof time. Let the dough stand for ten minutes before resuming stretching, and if the dough seems to be more proofed, docking is recommended.